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Distribution of Plasma Cells and Alpha-Naphthyl Acetate Esterase (ANAE) Positive Lymphocytes in the Reproductive Tract of Female Goats in the Preimplantation Phase

Turan KARACA, Mecit YORUK, Sema USLU, Baris Atalay USLU, Yunus CETIN

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 1-5

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Treatment of Fracture and Wound of Wild Birds in Van Lake Valley Between 2006 and 2008

Logman ASLAN, Ozdemir ADIZEL, Abdullah KARASU, Cumali OZKAN, Musa GENCCELEP, Atilla DURMUS, Yakup AKGUL

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 7-12

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The Effect of Pre-Treatment Subcutaneous Insulin on the Blood Glucose Levels of Dairy Cattle with Primary Ketosis

Mustafa ISSI, Yusuf GUL, Fatih Mehmet KANDEMIR, Onur BASBUG

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 13-16

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The Effect of Acidified Milk on Body Weight Gain, Some Blood Parameters and Health in Calves

Vadullah EREN

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 17-21

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Investigations on the Haemoglobin, Erythrocyte Potassium and Glutathione Types in Norduz Goats

Serap EMEKCI, Handan MERT

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 23-26

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The Determination of Enterotoxin Types (LT, ST) of Escherichia coli Strains of Animal Origin

Timur GULHAN, Ziya ILHAN, Abdulbaki AKSAKAL, Hasan SOLMAZ, Ismail Hakki EKIN

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 27-31

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Determination of Erythrocyte Zinc and Copper Concentration and Carbonic Anhydrase Enzyme Activities in Sheep with Babesiosis

Mehmet Emin AKIS, Semiha DEDE

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 33-37

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Evaluation of Equine Dental Disease and Disorders in Sanliurfa Region


YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 39-43

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Prevalence of Coccidia and Helminth Species in Domestic Pigeons (Columba livia domestica) in Van

Abdurrahman GUL, Nalan OZDAL, Serdar DEGER, Vural DENIZHAN

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 45-48

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Effects of Hen Age and Laying Time Upon Egg Traits in Two Different Genotypes of Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica): 2. Effects on Egg Internal Traits

Bunyamin SOGUT, Mustafa SARI

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 49-53

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Investigation of Linguatula serrata Nymphs (Frohlich, 1789) in Hair Goats Slaughtered in Van Meat and Fish Institution Combine

Abdurrahman GUL, Fatma ILHAN

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 55-57

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Detection of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Microflora of Herby Cheese sold in Van City


YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 59-64

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Comparative Macroanatomical Study of the Testis in Hasak Crossbreed Type, Akkaraman and Konya Merinos Hoggets


YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 65-68

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Health Risks Originated from Motile Aeromonads in Foods


YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 69-74

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Metabolism of Xenobiotics


YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 75-78

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Oxidative DNA Damage and its Chromatographic Determination

Enes ATMACA, Abdurrahman AKSOY

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 79-83

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The Importance of Natriuretic Peptide on Diagnosis of Heart Diseases of Dogs and Cats

Hasan ICEN, Ozgur Yasar CELIK, Aynur SIMSEK

YYU Vet Fak Derg, 2009, 20 (2): 85-89

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