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1- This journal is the publication of the University of Yuzuncu Yil, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and published three times (April, August, December) in a year. Previously published as: Yuzuncu Yil Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi.Abbreviated title of the journal is Van Vet J

2- Original articles, observations reviews, pre-reports, scientific news, introduction of scientific books, news about the faculty, letters to editor written in Turkish and English especially in the field of Veterinary Science, Health and Life science subjects (Comprehend human and animal health) are published in this journal.

3- Papers are accepted for publications on the understanding that they have not been published and are not going to be considered for publication elsewhere. All responsibilities from published articles merely belong to the authors and copyright fee for authors is not paid. The article sent to the journal for publication will not be send back to authors even if it is not accepted for publication.

4- Papers send to the journal for publication written in Turkish or in English should contain abbreviation in the context of the International Writing Procedure and measurements should be expressed in the metric system or in SI units.

5- Papers should be submitted electronically via Submissions send to post are not accepted.

6- Papers submitted for publication should be written in Times New Roman style, 12 font size, 2 line spacing and 2.5 cm from all edges. Including tables, figures and graphs; original papers and reviews should not exceed 15 pages and case reports should not exceed 5 pages.

7- Papers written in Turkish should include English summary and papers written in English should include Turkish summary. Summaries should not exceed 1000 words. Summary should include Aim, Material and Method, Results and Conclusion.

8- In the studies requiring Ethical Commission Approval; related documents should be sending via electronic submission which is present in our submission system.

9- Digital images (pictures, figures etc.) should be sending as TIFF or JPEG files format at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Digital images should not be placed inside the main text. Of prints of the journal will be in black and white. But the images will be given in coloured in the electronic version of the journal.

10- Copyright Transfer Agreement Form which automatically sends to the authors by the submission system after acceptance of the Paper should be signed and posted to the editorial Office of the journal.

11- All visual elements (Photographs, drawings, diagrams etc.) should be named as Figure. Tables should named as it is.

12- Definitions and names of the figures, tables and graphs should be given both in Turkish and English in the text.

13- Original research articles should be lined up as;

- Heading,

- Summary and key words

- Heading (Turkish),

- Summary and key words (Turkish),

- Introduction,

- Materials and Methods,

- Results,

- Discussion and Conclusion,

- Acknowledgement or informations (if there is) and

- References

If the paper is written in English; firstly English heading, author(s) name(s), author(s) address, summary (English) and key words (English) and then Turkish heading, summary (Turkish) and key words (Turkish) should be lined up and the rest of the article should be in English.

14- References should be listed according to authors surname alphabetically. In the text; references should be written as surname of the author and the publication year (exp: Ceylan 2004; Ekin and Gurturk 2006; Keles et al., 2012). In the references section; short names of the journals should be written in the form approved by the ISI Web of Science. For references with more than 6 authors, only the first 3 authors should be listed, followed by “et al.”. The references should be written as below:


Keles I, Deger S, Altug N, Karaca M, Akdemir C (2001). Tick-borne diseases in cattle: Clinical and haematological findings, diagnosis, treatment, seasonal distribution, breed, sex and age factors and the transmitters of the diseases. YYU Vet Fak Derg, 12 (1-2), 26-32.

Ekin IH, Gurturk K (2006). Characterization of bovine and human group B streptococci isolated in Turkey. J Med Microbiol, 55, 517-521.


Marrow DA (1986). Current Therapy in Theriogenology. W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia.

Books chapters:

Bahk J, Marth EH (1990). Listeriosis and Listeria monocytogenes. In: Foodborne Diseases, Cliver DO (Ed), 248-256, Academic Press, San Diego.

Electronic Material:

The name of the article and available web address and access date should be written.

Who (2006). Avian Influenza, February 2006, Access date: 10 January 2009.

15- Keywords should be selected from, Turkish Science Term’s web site (

16- Information about the publication expenses for accepted papers will be given to the author(s) after determining cost.

17- Copyright fee will not be paid to the author(s).

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